Restless Beings | Syntheties | 05-05-13

Restless Beings | Syntheties | 05-05-13

Just updated the site and Facebook page to include the official photo’s taken for the Restless Beings Syntheties charity event! The event itself had some really unique and addictive performances, including those from Kirk Spencer (ft Louis Scott), who’s Wonderland EP I’ve been listening to back to back for the last few days, along with singer Laws, and Jose, the crowd pleasing mime artist!

All in all the event was a great success, buzzing with an alternative but electric atmosphere, and the successful rumblings of mass networking.

Feel free to check out the updated Events Gallery which includes a select few shots taken from the night, or the Facebook page which has a gallery with the entirety of the shots. Both linked below.

NFC Photography | Events Gallery

NFC Photography Facebook | Restless Beings, Syntheties, Full Album

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Lastly a link to the incredible charity behind the event, and countless others before it, Restless Beings


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